I finally bought Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga after seeing it go on special on Steam and also that the DRM (SecuRom *spit*) was removed (yay, Larian!).

Well, truth be told, I first bought the Anthology on GOG and THEN saw it was on special on Steam. And then three hours into it, I went a little crazy and bought it up for a small army too.

Long story short: I love Divinity 2 (and loved Divine and Beyond Divinity as well).

But I was expecting an epic saga that would last "100+ hours." 35-hours later and I'm done with the Ego Draconis portion of the game and I did everything.

I would be merrily raging away in Flames of Vengeance right now, but unfortunately I get the 'black screen of death' immediately after the cutscene; so I can't carry my character over and I really have no intention of starting Flames of Vengeance with a new character.

But I was wondering... How long did it take you guys to finish Divinity 2: Dragon Knight Saga?

35-hours is really sad

How long did it take you to finish Dragon Knight Saga?
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