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Some people had a problem entering FoV which could be resolved by updating an audio codec.

[PC] Support FAQ - The Dragon Knight Saga

What difficulty level are you playing on? That can make a significant different.

Anyone Played For 100 Hours?

Thanks, Raze, but yeah, I spent about two hours last night trying to get it to work and Googling myself silly. I've tried updating the codecs and pretty much every other solution I could come across... Nothing helped frown

I always play games at normal difficulty. I figure it's "as the devs intended."

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Apparently (as in, according to the conversation log) 30 hours for ED and 10 for FoV. Strange, I thought it was longer than that: if I'd been asked without checking, I'd have said up to twice as much! I think I padded it out a bit with my adventure into modding the game a bit (I mean in addition to the time I mentioned), and I imagine in my first play-through I probably played a bit longer as I explored everywhere probably multiple times. Even though there was still stuff I missed, as it turns out.

I like to think of myself as a completionist of sorts. I like to enjoy games, explore every nook and cranny, chat up every NPC, kill everything in sight, etc and clear my quest log before proceeding with main quests.

I have no idea how much more time Flames of Vengeance would add, but I've read marketing gobbledygook claiming that it adds 20-hours of content. Assuming I believe that, it will still only bring my total playtime to 55-hours.

I'm still really hoping I can figure out why I can't get Flames of Vengeance to work... Bloody irritating.

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According to Steam counter, Ego Draconis 84 hours and DKS with trying to find everything 107 hours. Some of that time may have been when the game was sat on the menu screen whilst I answered the phone, made some food etc and came back to it later.

haha... Yeah, I'm terribly anal about my game time. If I have to go AFK, I quit. I like those statistics to be as accurate and as relevant to me as possible (long live OCD!).

85-hours is good though. I'd be happy with 85-hours for a single playthrough.

I think my biggest gripe is that I was expecting so much more content only to sort of... feel like it ran out much too soon.

I really loved Divinity 2 though. I was amazed by what Larian did with it. It still felt like the original Divine Divinity, that same "old school" RPG feel, the same humour (I loved the existential skeletons reference :D). And while it felt unbelievably short, the amount of padding, polish and content in every area was fantastic.

I loved talking to NPCs, I loved the mindreading ability, I loved the combat. I WANT MORE, DAMNIT!

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Yeah, Steam's not very intelligent about counting game time, I've found: I thought I'd clocked up some surprising playing times until I realised it even counted the time it was sat minimised overnight, which you'd think it would check for...

Steam tracks time like every other game tracker out there (Raptr, XFire, etc) and simply tracks how long the process (i.e. Divinity2.exe) runs. Which is essentially the best effort such a service can do.

Its accuracy, however, depends largely on you and alt-tabbing/minimising certainly doesn't end the process :p