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I have no idea how much more time Flames of Vengeance would add, but I've read marketing gobbledygook claiming that it adds 20-hours of content. Assuming I believe that, it will still only bring my total playtime to 55-hours.

I'm not sure if the 10 hours my chat log suggests is correct (I'm on the PC, for the record) but it certainly felt like a decent expansion. I mean as opposed to those for certain other games I won't mention. laugh

Good luck getting it to work. smile

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Steam tracks time like every other game tracker out there (Raptr, XFire, etc) and simply tracks how long the process (i.e. Divinity2.exe) runs. Which is essentially the best effort such a service can do.

Its accuracy, however, depends largely on you and alt-tabbing/minimising certainly doesn't end the process :p

True, the only way Steam would know otherwise is if the application actually tells it it's in a menu or something, and I'm not even sure there's a mechanism for doing that; I thought it might be able to tell if the game's not even running in the foreground, though...

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