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I'm not sure if the 10 hours my chat log suggests is correct (I'm on the PC, for the record) but it certainly felt like a decent expansion. I mean as opposed to those for certain other games I won't mention. laugh

Good luck getting it to work. smile

Thanks. I keep trying but it keeps black-screening me smirk

I think I'll probably just have to start over with a new character in the end, but I'll have to work myself up for that. Right now the idea of a "new character" bugs me after all the TLC I gave my proper one (who happens to have hit level 37, in case anyone was wondering).

Also, I don't doubt that it's a decent expansion. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm just all frustrated out about the black screen issue right now.

Will probably get around to it soon enough. I must find out what happens next! laugh

On a semi-related note, I'm actually pretty surprised that Larian is going back to isometric after this one. They did a really fantastic job and I have to admit that I hoped that they'd keep at it.

What I was trying to say earlier (but my train of thought totally ended up derailed) is that I found it amazing what Larian did with Divinity 2.

To elaborate, if you look at many old isometric games that become "modernised" they lose a lot of their charm because of all sorts of excuses hinging mostly off of the fact that they're too resource intensive.

But Larian still kept the feel of the original Divinity in Divinity 2. I love that. And the best part is that they're largely an "unknown" developer and certainly not a triple-A developer (not the same marketing or development budget) but they have by large pulled off a triple-A quality title and that in itself is astounding.

It really makes you look at developers like BioWare and wonder... They have a massive budget (we're talking in excess of $10,000,000 USD here) and most of that goes to paying "famous" voice actors, composers, etc and the cost is that the games are far less detailed and have far less content than that same amount of money would otherwise have bought.

My point is that I just found it so breath-taking that Divinity 2 managed to be so detailed and still managed to keep that nostalgic feel of its predecessors without sacrificing too much. Sure, you can argue that the world was much smaller than it could've been and that it was far shorter than its predecessors but they did so much with what they had.

Apart from my infuriating end-game bug, I really am hugely impressed with Divinity 2. As an old school gamer, it really managed to give me that special "I can't put this down!" feeling that I crave. Which is why I went on a "MUST BUY IT FOR EVERYONE" spree that my bank account now totally regrets laugh

Oh well... I'm just in a rant mode. I want more. Lots more.