I agree with pretty much everything you say there. I think there's a certain nostalgic view of isometric games which has brought them back into vogue; I'm not sure how much of a good idea it is when considering the average gamer, but I think that's the thing about Larian, they're not afraid to take risks, which is why their games work so well, I think. There's been a few major-league AAA releases in the past year where the developer (or publisher) has played it a bit too safe and I think they've suffered as a result. I'd rather see more companies do what Larian does even if it means that not everything is to my personal taste.

Divinity 2 does have a real sort of "handmade" charm to it which is why I think I've enjoyed it so much and it hasn't become old and tired with multiple play-throughs. They also have a really good attitude to their customers: how many of the big developers can you email about a particular problem you've found and have someone get back to you quickly with an idea, a solution and sometimes even a patch?

J'aime le fromage.