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I agree with pretty much everything you say there. I think there's a certain nostalgic view of isometric games which has brought them back into vogue; I'm not sure how much of a good idea it is when considering the average gamer, but I think that's the thing about Larian, they're not afraid to take risks, which is why their games work so well, I think. There's been a few major-league AAA releases in the past year where the developer (or publisher) has played it a bit too safe and I think they've suffered as a result. I'd rather see more companies do what Larian does even if it means that not everything is to my personal taste.

I completely agree with you.

I'm very sad that I didn't support Divinity 2 from day one, but when I see "SecuRom" I switch off to a game completely; same thing happened with every single one of Ubisoft's games when they tried to force permanent internet connectivity. Screw that. I refuse to be treated like a bloody criminal >.<'

See? This is how I go off on a tangent.

I like risks, I like "new" and I like "original." I miss the days of gems like Planescape: Torment. The ones that have so much spirit, charm and "specialness" to them.

Divinity 2 really had that for me, it's really "up there" in terms of games I have a soft spot for.

Divinity 2 does have a real sort of "handmade" charm to it which is why I think I've enjoyed it so much and it hasn't become old and tired with multiple play-throughs. They also have a really good attitude to their customers: how many of the big developers can you email about a particular problem you've found and have someone get back to you quickly with an idea, a solution and sometimes even a patch?

That it does. I don't know if I'll replay it any time soon. I did everything there was to do and explored every nook and cranny. Well, I lie, I missed the bit with the white bunny and the creature mage in Broken Valley (my significant other was kind enough to point that out for me :p).

But it'll be a while before I replay it. I have to admit that it doesn't strike me as having much replayability in the sense that the content is unlikely to change significantly depending on your choices. It'll definitely be a game I play again though, just not any time soon.

Put it this way, as long as Larian keeps their DRM in future games limited to Steam (gimme Steam achievements!) I'll be happy to support them from day one every time smile