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Congratulations. party

I was going to offer to try your save when D2:DC is released in a couple days, if you hadn't gotten it resolved.

Thanks, Raze smile

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I seriously doubt you did "everything" in only 35 hours. I've played this game 4 times, for a total of 332 hours, and it took about 60 hours each time for me to do everything. Plus, almost every quest has more than one solution, so there is definitely more than 100 hours worth of game here.

Well I just finished the game (including Flames of Vengeance) and clocked 45-hours.

You're welcome to doubt as much as you like but that's a fact: I did everything that there was to do, I explored every nook and cranny, cleared my quest log, mindread every NPC I could possibly mindread and finished with a level-47 character.

I don't know what you guys who got more than 50-hours out of it spent so much time doing in one playthrough but it certainly wasn't playing laugh

I'm waiting for my significant other to finish, then we'll compare. We're both heavy RPG fans and we are both completionists.

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I just think ...
I love the skill "Rush Attack" ...
But I don't love "rushing" through the Dragon Knight Saga ...
(and none of the RPG's I play)

How funny contradictory grin

Haha laugh Well, my build was very spell-heavy. I tend to play as close to a summoning/pet class as possible and that's what I did for the most part. Had my beloved creature as a mage, the demon spell, fireball and magic missle for most of the game. Towards the end I used fire wall a bit but it wasn't much use and I only grabbed it because there wasn't anything else I felt I needed or wanted (at this point pretty much everything useful--mindread, mana conservation, lockpick, demon, fireball, magic missile--were all at 15 or their max equivalent.)

As I said, I have no idea how some of you managed to get so much more time out of it than I did but c'est la vie.

The ending was great and I really loved Divinity 2. Fantastic game and I look forward to what Larian does next laugh