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Do you know ... you can having a "free fall" without becoming a dragon yet ?

I'm afraid I have no idea what you mean :p
Do you know ... how to let appear the Amulet of Slantwig ?

I do now, after looking it up but I never did that. I did, however, get the blood echelon shield from Naberius' Storage.
Do you know ... finding & killing a Green Chicken you summon a Spider level 22 ? :hihi:

Nope, I didn't know that.
Do you know ... a dungeon where two sisters are in discussion with eachother ?

Yes smile
Do you know ... the password of the teleporter in Broken Valley, nearby the Chapel Scrine and their is another teleporter too ?

This is the Bellegar one for Naberius' Storage? Then yes :p
Do you know ... how to open the dungeon that is on the right side of the Chapel in Broken Valley Village ?

This is the one to get to the Amulet of Slantwig? I was in there but as I say, never got the amulet :p

Just a small part of the many secrets ...

You really found all the secrets ?
I haven't fount all the achievements, Xbox version and still wonder which secret achievement I have to find, but I believe they're part of the add-on FoV I haven't played much because I always start again in Farglow with another hero grin ...

As I say, in my achievement list I'm missing about five "secret achievements." So I'm obviously missing some of the less obvious ones frown

Like I always say:
As long as you've Fun playing a game
You've reason to be happy,
No matter the way You play,
It's of course for nobody the same !

I completely agree. Gaming is all about having fun and enjoying the experience and that is something Divinity 2 completely lives up to.

Which is precisely why I wish there was far more to it--I didn't want it to come to an end so quickly. But I loved it, and that's the important thing smile