That battle involving Markthum and the others is bugged. Markthum does over 1600 damage per hit, which really doesn't make sense. He's so overpowered he makes Behrlinn and Ygerna look like a couple of imps. There's no reason for it, even doing half that damage he would still one-shot anyone, and there is no other character that does damage like that. I was more than six levels above him but it was still a time-consuming chokepoint. It's something I wished they had fixed, there's actually a few chokepoints like that. Zagan is also unusually tough and to beat him I had to fly up to the exit then shoot arrows for a long time. Small things they could have polished a little.


"you can kill Markthum and change back into a Dragon to kill the DTP"

DTP ? Not sure what your'e talking about. I know you can fly in that area but I don't remember killing anything in Dragon form there.

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