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Oh, I didn't realise this was a known "feature". I had a real sulk when I took them on at level 25 or 26 and repeatedly had my bottom handed to me, eventually having to settle for running into one of the towers and sniping.

Lol, the only way I could kill them was to get them to chase me down that long flight of stairs to that open area in front of the castle, I guess it's the Zeppelin dock. Thanks to no fall damage I could jump straight down then pelt them with fireballs and exploding arrows when they ran down the stairs.

But the point is that this is why it's confusing when people talk about getting through DKS quickly. I wonder if we're talking about the same version of the game. Because I have it on Steam I know I have the latest patched version, and this is what you get, sudden chokepoints with vastly overpowered bosses. I'm wondering now if there are other patches or fixes for specific issues I may not know about.