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Well, I invite you to give it a try!

Despite us having to cut the area outside of the city and therefore leaving the player somewhat cooped up in Aleroth, Flames of Vengeance is in my opinion a really tasty slice of RPG gameplay. Sure Iím biased, but as far as dialogs and quest design is concerned, I think we did some of our best work here. After creating the rather more encounter-based Orobas Fjords, it was great to think up characters and write dialog for a more confined setting, for a more thematically bonded whole. RPG-wise that paid off.

Anyway, you definitely donít have to take my word for it, but yeah, give it a shot I say! smile

I loved FoV: I thought it would feel too claustrophobic but it actually worked really well. Reminded me somewhat of Morrowind's Tribunal in that regard: both existed in fairly limited spaces, but were strongly story-driven. It was nice seeing a bit more of Aleroth after the "teaser" we got near the end of ED.

I'd still like to visit its surroundings, though. Is it too late to ask for another expansion...? laugh

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