Back started a few weeks ago with a new hero, a female Mage (difficulty: normal).

One important rule is to NOT buy any GEAR at all ! So wearing only gear my hero find or it's a quest reward or something.
It's nice because it gives me another kind of "feeling" ! The feeling each time I find an equipment it's everytime an exciting moment : "Would it be a better item or not?"
Now it's more difficult to make an overpowered hero. All the times I've played before I search for equipment by trader's (a lot) and buy many items with big boosts and as much as free charms slots to fill up, etc etc ...
This time I've to live with what I can find !

I may buy everthing else if I've the money, but not gear. So Charms, Spell books, potions, ...
I do not invest any skillpoint in Identify, Repair, Trader's Tongue & Alchemy just 1 point to mix potions. Another point I can get later from an Alchemist in the Dark Forest.

Today my female Mage is level 12 .
Invested points in the following Skills: (6 p. left)
Meteorestrike 2/5 (1 p from start a mage)
Bless 2/5 (+1 from Leggings & 1 p. from start a mage)
Restoration 1/5 (after cure both sick soldiers in Aleroth)
Lock Pick 2/5
Enchant Weapon 2/5
Alchemy 1/5
Survivor's Instinct 1/5

Equipment I'm wearing now :
* Spear(with poison dam(1)) & Shield(Monk's Metal Buckler MP+19, 1 charmslot)
And a second Spear with Life Leech(3) in case I need to recover more HP wink
* Helmet: Imp's Scull Cap with 1 filled charmslot(Intelligence +4) & MP+7
* Armor: Chain Armor (after George's is killed) with 2 charmslots, 1 filled now with MP+80, give total MP+120 smile
* Belt : Polished Cotton Sash of Skeletons (Summon Skeleton +1) with Resist to Lightning +4
* Leggings: Owl's Light Leggings of Blessing (Bless +1)
* Shoes of the Scorpion, 1 charmslot, Constitution +2 & Resist to Spirit +10
* Gloves : Worn Leather Gloves, nothing special, but gives a little bit more armor value.
* Amulet of Glory, 3 charmslots, Constitution +2, Vitality +20, Resit to Fire +5¨
* Ring 1 : Bull's Thin Gold Ring with Constitution +1
* Ring 2: Bright Crystal Ring with Resist to Lightning +3

That's it.
O yes, before I forget her stats (naked):
Strength 20
Agility 13
Intelligence 44
Constitution 23

Till next time wave

On 7th of february 2015 : I start a new adventure in the Divinity world of Original Sin,
it's a Fantastic Freaking Fabulous Funny ... it's my All Time Favorite One !