Auf RPGWatch hat jemand hinzugefgt, da Guido Henkel strker an deutsche Spieler htte applellieren sollen - mit einer Beschreibung in deutscher Sprache.

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1 Mio$ / 15$ = 66667 -> a lot of people, but it should be possible to get this amount worldwide.

Major fault: This campaign didn't focus enough on Germany -> Henkel would have had a home game in his own country. (I could only pledge via PayPal for example).
He should have made a description of the game in german.

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The Realms of Arkania series was big in Germany.
The german generation of players 35+ is the generation with big moneybags.
Germany is one of the few countries in Europe with lesser unemployment and smaller financial problems.
Germany still has a big PC-game market.

It would have been clever to target this market.

Ich bin da vllig seiner Meinung.

Der grte Fehler war demnach, Thorvalla zu sehr amerikanisch bzw. international auszurichten.

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"Interplay.some zombiefied unlife thing going on there" - skavenhorde at RPGWatch