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Hints, tips and info @ GameBanshee

Early Starter Tips (NON-Spoiler Version) - (created by Raze)

Early Starting Tips - (created by Raze)

Enchanting Items - Step by step - (created by Kiya)

Enchanting weapons/armour/items (at the "LocusInn") - (created by Kiya and Myrthos)

Alchemy Skill - mixing and creating potions - SPOILER - (created by Kiya)

Extended Alchemy Guide - (created by Kiya and Myrthos)

Aleroth Dungeons - SPOILER (with maps of each level) - (created by Kiya)

Larian/Silver Armor - SPOILER - (created by Kiya)

Council Member Quests – SPOILER - (created by Kiya)

Wastelands/Enddungeons – SPOILER - (created by Kiya)

Teleporters - SPOILER - (created by Dragon)

Treasure Maps - SPOILER - (created by Dragon)

Dragon Armor Set – SPOILER - (created by Dragon)

VERY BIG SPOILER ON HOLY ITEMS - (created by Dragon)

Reputation List – SPOILER - (created by Kiya)

Wishing Well – SPOILER - (created by Raze)

Differences between classes - (created by Raze)

Aric's Warrior Guide - (created by Aric)

Hostile traps / summoned / resurrected creatures - (created by Raze)

Kaan's Mage Guide - (created by Kaan)

Please visit the div fansites (in different languages) for more information about the game: quest solvers, complete maps, tips,...

The Locus Inn - by Myrthos

The Divine Quest Solver - by dirkvcb

Full walkthrough of the main story at Gamespot.be (in Dutch)

Demo Walkthrough (in Italian)


How to wash the dishes for the cook in Stormfist Castle? (Raze)

Overview Ars Magicana – Rivertown area (Kiya)

How to progress in Dr. Elrath’s House? (Barnabus)

How to get Sir Patrick’s Title Deed?
Sir Patrick’s Garden
Sir Patrick’s Room

Where’s the imp who took my teleporter stones? (Kiya)

Location of the teleporter stones in the wastelands (Raze)

Where can I find the Holy Grail? (Kiya)

Where is the key to release Mardaneus? (Kiya)

Where can I find the Sword of the G... down for two screenies to clarify this)

Where to find Buad’s Tea? (see nr. 5 on the screenshot) (Kiya)

How do I get to Iona’s Dungeon? (Kiya)

If you did not bring both teleporter stones with you to the wastelands (Raze)

Showing the Merchant Guild's Financial Records (Raze)

Letter to Gregor in the dwarven mines (Raze)

Shows the location of the wishing w...es and the Dwarven Forest teleporter pad (Raze)

Where to find Shrimpo? (Kiya)

How do I repair items? (Kiya)

How to use Telekinesis? (Kiya)

Where can I find the portable bed? (Dragon)

Reassigning Hotkeys (F1-F12) (Taaru)

Where is Slasher? (Kiya)

House of Madness:
How to get TO the House of Madness? (by Kiya)

See the room in the middle-south? Remove a lot of barrels to get entry to it.
When you enter the room, you'll be teleported to the house of madness.

How to get OUT of the House of Madness? (Raze)

Where can I find Arhu, the cat, in Stormfist Castle?

History of the mysterious "Experience Bomb" (by Alrik)

Loosing your stamina in the Cursed Abbey. (by Kiya)
You surely picked up the cursed halberd wink

Where can I find Commander Ralph?

Weapon/armor font color distinction

Hints and Tips in Italian

EASTEREGGS and RUNE manuscripts (by Barnie, Raze and HandEFood)

How to trade in Divinity? (by Kiya)


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