This would normally be a deal breaker for me, for example I didn't buy Divinity 2 for the PC until after I knew a third party enabled the game to be played on a gamepad. That said after falling in love with Divinity 2 and reading that if there will be a Divinity 3 it needs to be funded through sales of Dragon Commander and Original Sin I will buy both games at launch. I have no intention of playing either game until someone enables gamepad support but I have no problem gambling the price of two games if it means I might have the chance to purchase Divinity 3 at a later date.

That said, I think it would be smart to enable controler port as if you look pc games that have sold well they either support a gamepad or a third party has developed support in order to sell its software. I know it's a chicken and egg thing, but still I think the link is causational rather than correlational.

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