Hi all,

my first character using Summons is at level 23 or 24, but I start again a new hero, this time also a kind of Priest build, but with other (strict) rules:
1) I may buy goods from shops, but not pieces of strong gear with boosts (I may buy a better piece of equipment when I'm tired of let it repair because it's durability is only 1/1 or also very low)
2) I never reload for better loot: just take it like it comes, I really like this rule !
3) I don't invest in skills like Repair, Identify, Poison Weapon .
4) I don't steal goods with that trick = with a chest in my inventory, or do other kind of cheating
5) Pickpocket isn't forbidden, but it's always a risk & I take the consequences of that.
6) As a mage it's not the purpose to invest many points in Strength for the wish to wear bigger/stronger gear or use a big Sword or Axe ... Magic is all I need in first place !

I start a female mage, Primellina is the name.
At the moment she's level 11, just cured Mardaneus mad mind.

The catacombs beneath Aleroth (and some other areas) give Primellina this outfit now :
1HW : Bat of Striking : Fire dam(2), Const +4 & Charmqty 5 !
SHD: Monk's Wooden Shield : MP +18, HP +20, 60 armor
HMT: Well Crafted Skull Cap : 70 armor
ARM/CRS: Chain Armor (after George is murdered!): defense +3, Resis L +5, 90 armor, Charmqty 2
BLT: Rogue's Plated Sash : Agi +2, 90 armor
LGG: Leather Leggings : 80 armor
SHS : Shoes of the Scorpion : Agi +4(from a charm!), Resist P +10, armor 50, Charmqty 3
GLS: Guard's Ornamented Leather Gloves : Str +4 (from a charm!), HP + 20, Charmqty 1
AMT: Amulet of Glory : Str +4, offense +3, sight +1, Charmqty 4
RNG R: Electrifying Thing Gold Ring : Resist L +6
RNG L: Fire Worm's Thin Gold Ring : Resist F +3

Skillpoints left : 3
Passive Skills : Alchemy(2), Enchant Weapon(1), Master Summoner(1)
Active Skills : Bless(1, a starting skill!), Meteorestrike(1, a starting skill!), Freeze(1), Lockpick(1), Restoration(1) & Summon Skeleton(3)

Nice things with Summon Skeletons :
they are immuum for poison, so sending them to (giant) spiders is a very good thing ! I watch from a distance and if necessary I can restore a skeleton's HP a bit with my Restoration skill ! But mostly summon again a new skeleton is easier (imo).
Funny is to Freeze a Orc and my summons do the rest (plus freeze damage). At the time I can invest in Aura of Command (level 16) I do. The fight against all demonic monsters deep beneath Aleroth to cure Mardaneus was noticeable easier playing on Hard difficulty !
Since the Skeletons do melee (physical) damage I'm wondering if it's necessary to take Hell Spikes ... think

Now I'm thinking which skill to invest in to help the summons killing monsters without using a bow or other melee weapon ? ... Curse ? Elemental Bolt ? Energy Case ? Life Leech ? Charm ?

Till next time !

Primellina the Mage Priest .

On 7th of february 2015 : I start a new adventure in the Divinity world of Original Sin,
it's a Fantastic Freaking Fabulous Funny ... it's my All Time Favorite One !