I am playing for the 3rd time. I played as a melee fighter and then a mage when <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/div.gif" alt="" /> first came out, so I decided to try a survivor this time around.

Two skills that I am finding useful that I did NOT develop in my previous games are Know Creature and Wisdom. I have Know creature at level 5 and my char is only level 25 at this point. Knowing resistances of mobs is a huge advantage in fighting them--you know their strengths and weaknesses rather than guessing at them. For example, I was using poison on mobs that are 100% poison resistant before I got the 5th level of the skill...heh...

Wisdom gives you nice little XP bonuses, but I now have it at level 4 which is an 8% bonus. I have mixed feelings about spending points on this, but it does make you level a bit faster. If you do decide to use it, my advice is to invest the skill points immediately at each level where you can raise the skill to get maximum advantage from it. When I hit level 30 (I think it is 30), I will be getting 10% bonuses on all my XP--a nice boost.

I also think at least two skill points should go into Enchant Weapon so you can add charms to your weapons and armor. I have several items that have five charm slots, so I may go even higher. You should only use the major charms on items you expect to use for a long time...this can be tricky since you are never sure what you will find....

I have Lockpicking at max (you can pick up a couple of thief skills at the Thieves Guild in Verdistis, so that saves using a couple of your hard-earned skill points). It is nice not to have to bother looking for keys a lot of the time, and what kind of Thief character would not be skilled at lockpicking?!

Although backstab is nice, my char is using a bow primarily. With a long sight range, he hardly ever takes any damage unless it is a mob scene...heh...and the freeze spell plus a poison arrow makes most mobs nothing more than archery range targets...hehe.... <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif" alt="" />

Klatu Verada Nickto