This came up while chatting in the Kickstarter comments last night (where those of us who have no life/are addicts still hang out hahaha)

There was mention of the fact that the increase in funds might mean a delayed release for the game, and thoughts that Divinity: Original Sin might get a December release instead. sad

Please, please don't release in December

December is usually packed with back to back AAA releases and on top of that you have all the December/January sales to contend with.

If Larian releases in December - even people who are really interested in the game will hold off buying in the hope that they get a discount during the Steam sale, or some other digital game distributors sale - then if there is no discount to be had there will be a whole lot of bitching about it.

As much as I would love to have the game right now, if a release in November is not on the cards, and the money can be stretched that far, it would be better to hold off releasing the game until the end of February.

February is becoming a great month for independent game studios to do a release. There is less competition, people have recovered from Xmas spending, and are beginning to look for good new games. In the last few years Magicka, Terraria, and Kingdoms of Amalur (to name a few) have had great February/early March releases.

(Yes I know the dev studio for KoA went bust but they still made a ton of money first - just not enough to pay for their ridiculously large loans)

The game is also more likely to get press attention with a Feb release with fewer titles at that time that they would want to write about.

The idea that a game must get a release in time for Christmas is a hold over from retail sales and really does not hold true any more in the digital age.

Obviously these are just my opinions, but I hope that if a delayed release is being considered someone from Larian will see this post, and consider them. Thanks.

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