Actually I don't mind, if they do they can even do a combo deal with D:OS with Anthology. I myself just got it yesterday on steam anyway, and the manual alone is a bit overwhelming after so many years of those no manaul/in game tutorial. I like the forewords most, from their fist Divine Divinity game, since you can see Swen's passion and love put into this game from his words, and it's still the same so many years later from this KickStarter campaign. I feel grateful that I found this studio out from KickStarter, when first DD came out, the country I lived in probably won't even have they on local publisher's radar.(And I was probably doing crazy hours of Quake anyway.)

So I give them full trust, they survived this long with self publishing, now have crowd funding as their tools. I'm pretty sure that they will do good stuff for us first instead of worrying about release window. Those who prefer quick fix of action and bullet spamming will do their own stuff anyway, they won't sit down with a friend to go through hours upon hours of adventure.