I'm not panicking, trying to impugn Larian's professionalism, or even saying that the game will fail if it gets a December release laugh

I think D:OS has the potential to be one of the best RPG's of this generation and I backed it on Kickstarter for more than I have done for any other game.

Swen said several times throughout the Kickstarter campaign that he appreciated our input so I posted my opinion on the possibility of a December release, that's all. smile

I don't think its as simple as saying that this is a niche RPG title that the COD crowd would not be interested in. We are all fans - we are already sold on the game.

For an example I have over 400 games in my Steam library, and while a large selection of them are RPG's, I also play FPS, puzzle games, adventure games, you name it. If it catches my interest I will play it, and I believe there are many people out there who just love great games and will be interested in this one.

I just think that if it does becomes necessary to delay the release, then for all the reasons I have already stated, a February release would be much better than December.

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Release when it's ready. Period.

That's a great sentiment that I'm sure we all agree with, however while 1 million sounds like a lot of money it is really a drop in the ocean in terms of game development.

I'm sure that Larian will do their utmost to make sure that the game is as great as it can be but they can't work on the same game indefinitely, bills and people's salaries have to be paid - there come's a time when you have to say 'it's done', release it and move on. Setting a release date gives everybody a clear goal to aim for achieving that.

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