I just hope the backer with alpha/beta access like myself can really help them out. Instead of just bitching. Yes, you paid for the access, and it is really important to sit down and go through a lot of things together with Larian and get rid of bugs as fast as we can.

To say "when it's done" is quite irresponsible at management level, you have to dealt with the most important resource, time and money. Both are consuming at constant rate, 1mil won't last forever for making it perfect. It's not a excuse to release something plagued with bugs because you want to put in more feature, yet it's Swen and D:OS's producer's responsibility to backers and their employees to get thing out in a time frame with efficient workflow to get things done. Imagine if Swen always wants to release bug free games, Larian will not survive. Employees needs to pay bills, they have family to support, despite all the passions they have toward making best games, they can not defy reality.

I give them full trust, give them the best pledge I could, and will help them during alpha/beta even though I paid to get this game. I want it to be good, and be part of this journey, hope you guys feel the same. smile