1 mil won't last forever, Nintendo has huge pocket for Miyamoto to polish their game. If Larian is anywhere close to say, half as big when Blizzard released D2, then yeah, take your time and polish D:OS the way Swen would like it to be. I don't know how well they paid in Larian, but say for average artist would have like 40k/year, that's around 3.3k/person/month. If Larian is sized around 40 people, that's 132k/month, so 1mil will give them around 7.5 months if no new hiring is planed. So guess what? Now it's April, plus additional 7.5 months is around December.

Yes, there will be sales generated by Dragon Commander, and I assume that part of the sale is now in the funding as well if backer choose digital addon or anywhere above specific pledge. So like I said, we can help as much as we can to get rid of those bugs, it's not our responsibility, it's totally voluntary. I just lay the numbers and let you guys see, another "several months" to polish a game is not a easy feat to pull from producer's eyes.

Just to let you guys who have alpha/beta access know, if you haven't participate any of its kind before( stress test is no where like a official beta test), it's quite a lot of work, and might not be as fun as you would imagine. By the time game release, you would probably know the game inside out. Larian would probably avoid spoil story and create sort of scenario tests so we can still work on interface/mechanism/gameplay wise. And there will be milestones to make and work on another aspect even if current ones are not yet perfect(like balance wise, not crashing issues.)

I know everyone would like the game to be perfect, Swen definitely is one of the guy that want it. I personally would say just give them a few more months if they need it, but the reality check side of me would rather get less than perfect product and keep Larian alive, than squeeze them dry and hope D:OS become half as big as Skyrim/Bioshock( even these are buggy, remember?).

Let's help them polish the game we want, shall we?