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When I get my hands on the alpha I would love to try this out and then maybe increase the difficulty and see how I do, surely it would be a good measure of balance if someone was able to complete the game on hard without dying and it should be a challenge on normal.
Yes, something like that should be reasonable.

The easiest setting would let you win the game without prior knowledge, as long as you don't do anything stupid.

The middle setting would give someone who've played through the game once a fair challenge if he or she wanted to finish it without dying.

The most difficult setting would make a win-without-reloading challenge possible if the player based his or her tactics on inside-and-out knowledge of the game rules.
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Interesting article. But how would you have OS once-in-a-lifetime? Because Larian confirmed that as long as one of your party members is alive, there's a way to revive the other one, so the 'heartbeating' feeling when your character dies will not be as present in this multi character environment. Plus, when multiplayer, it'd be kinda lame to have insta-death caused by the unexperienced/disobeying second player. What I mean is, deathrules are different for DOS than for DD. How would you have it?
Is it possible to resurrect without being close to the body, then? If that's possible, one could of course break the challenge a non-issue when playing coop by having one player player risk his/her life and the other just standing there, resurrecting from a safe distance. But that wouldn't make a fun game, would it?

The same kind of cheesing would of course be possible in single player too, if you control both characters like you do in Beyond Divinity. But I believe Larian has said in an interview that you can have the computer controlling one of the heroes, and then I suppose they both fight at the same time.

And if the dead body has to be reached before it can be resurrected, there would be a great risk that the same monster who killed one character also kills the other.

Unless you are able to do that resurrection-from-a-safe-distance trick, I actually think two characters makes the experience more heart pounding than one. Let's say you have a game designed for one hero, one who has 200 hitpoints. Suddenly, a dangerous monster scores a critical hit for 100 hp. Well, you can still kill the monster as quickly as before. If you had two characters with 100 hp each and one of them died to that unlucky critical, then you would be at disadvantage for the rest of the battle. It would take twice as long to kill the monster, and the creature would have twice as many opportunities to make another critical!