The reason turn based games don't work as well anymore is because games are now more realistic than ever. A gamers mind was more pliable in terms of discarding reality when playing video games in the 90's because that was the level of sophistication in games. Kinda like cheesy 80's movies were popular because that was the level of expectation. Crappy graphics and no voice acting was more than acceptable back then because that was the standard.

These days both games and movies are more realistic than ever (not necessary so much the world/environment, but the physics and dialog/logic). When something becomes unrealistic it's much more noticeable. And fact is turn based combat isn't realistic. People don't have an infinite amount of time to plan their next movement in real life, so it's become less popular. Gamers these days want games to be as realistic as possible (again in a physics/logic sense), and that will continue to grow as games become more technologically advanced. Turn based games will never come back to mainstream they will just get more and more obscure along with other unrealistic aspects of todays games.

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