As for "wish". I really cannot get away the idea this game would be so glorious and unique and was meant to be played as MOBA game with "always-on" dragon, commanding buildings and general strategies. Not direct control of units. It's way to fast paced and what I was mainly do was defending.. poorly. Everything in the game just screams MOBA. Strategic map, cards, probabilities, bonuses systematics, upgrades, pace, AI.

Regarding the pacing: Have you played Starcraft 2? The pacing in DC is not that much faster.

A MOBA is more of a twitch gaming thing than an actual strategy game. The latter involves some actual thinking and a larger scale.

The nature of DC makes it so you have to be aggressive and on the offensive as much as possible, since map control is vital. Every recruitment centre speeds up recruit income AND raises your supply (support) cap by 50. A turtling strategy will not work unless you inflict far more casualties than you take, and do so over an extended period of time.

Unless otherwise specified, just an opinion or simple curiosity.