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Regarding the pacing: Have you played Starcraft 2? The pacing in DC is not that much faster.

I did, mastery and insane included. And as non-RTS player I take only extraordinary ones. And TBH.. DC won't beat SC2, not in RTS, not in story, not in multiplayer. That's my point. Why even try? Why not make a game that has no competition instead?

It's just a "secret" wish smile Larian means RPG for me.

I kinda have to agree, there are tons of RTS games out there, and I was so excited when I heard about this mix of a RPG/RTS, But it doesn't feel that way, The board game i really nice, and I enjoy it, but my dream for Dragon Commander, is a game where one player can be a master of RTS, and the other a Master of Dragon Mode, and both of them have a equal shot at winning in multiplayer