a little different topic then the original smile

about SC2 story.. it may be simple. I've read the books so the game visuals are only addition to the "great" plan in the story as a whole. But even without it.. HotS has very "flow" connection between videos and mission tasks, they are very much connected to each other. And it works. Blizzard can make this work in excellency. And storytelling is important as well. It's not just "script". Even when I always disliked zerg as faction HotS made me to feel for them. So I consider it well done in the end of day.

I would not say Larian writers are briliant. Kirril's music is. Stories are "just" good. Storytelling is the same. Bioware has brilliant storytellers f.e. NWN1, Dragon Age, Mass Effects.. They however make bad games under EA. That's why I preffer Divinity 2 over DAO. Stories are not that exciting.. but it has all parts good game needs. It has stats and inventory. There is freedom in move and solving problems. Hidden quests and dragons (very few games let you take form as flying dragon), humour and my own ugradable tower, working controls. And that's sort of things I'm looking in D:OS (movable items, synergy combat system, new co-op dialogs (and humour, quite good story, my own upgradable home and freedom in choice)).

I'm a bit sceptical now about DC as I'm not sure what could missing SP campaign really change on what I've seen. It may.. I just don't think it happens. I mean SC2 did quite big thing in SP missions. They are dynamic. Almost all are "original" in some way. Not just here's your base, build units and destroy enemy base X 30 levels. So if I would judge on SC2 skirmish.. it would be just pretty damn well RTS (controls are really mastered) but nothing more. I don't think this happens with DC. Maybe it will I don't know. It just never happened before. Larian strenghts are in different things. And right now they have closest engine for The I of the Dragon type of game smile Plus they can do good and original things.