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If you want to play with a controller (2nd rate form of controlling games) play PS3 and Xbox games.

I really hate elitist staments like this from my fellow PC gamers. Are some of you people aware that most more PC games have Xbox 360 controller support? Are you people aware that Valve released a whole entire mode on steam with controllers in mind (steam big picture). If it's not some form of strategy game or PC exclusive RPG, then your average PC game has controller support.

I'm fine with this game having only keyboard and mouse support, but don't assume controllers are a console only thing.

Blame the greedy publishers that have decided that every single game should be playable on consoles (and as such, have controller support as most people don't attach a kb+mouse to their consoles) and in the process have ruined a *lot* of possibly good games and made next-to-extinct quite a few (sub)genres that rely very heavily on the mouse (like IE-styple cRPGs, C&C-style RTS, point & click adventures,...)

The fact that lots of games are ruined by forcing controller support on them makes a lot of us kb+mouse PC-gamers very trigger happy whenever the topic comes up.

Honestly, this is really a subjective opinion. Most games that I've played today seems to have decent kb+m and controller support. In fact, some of these games controls better with a mouse and keyboard. Sometimes a developer(like Bethesda) gets lazy and makes a console style UI for their games, but it's really rare.

Strategy games (RTS, TBS, etc) and computer style RPGs are usually mouse and keyboard only and PC exclusive, so they don't even have controller support or this so called "console taint" to "ruin" them.

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