Ok so Im L38 only a very short way into FOV. I've spent a bit of time trying to get good uniques out of Mysus, since his stock respawns when you go to the dragon tower.

In any case, Im about set with what I've got so I've used up almost all of my melee divine charms on my current equipment. Also have +12 melee dam on each piece of jewelry (had been using + magic dam jewelry, but high level battle rage made me change).

With 100 strength and maxed unarmed damage skill, my current damage output is 1350-1398. I could actually get it more if I had some more melee dam charms, but I don't use a shield or a cuirass (my kungfu looks weird with those armors on). Not sure what damage output is like for weapon users, but I would think this is not too much worse?

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