*Joining the queue of people who think that sneaking is too over-powered*

So, first of all let me say that I love robbing NPC's homes of all their stuff and sneaking behind their backs. However, in its current state sneaking is far to easy and does not have any negative consequences. So, since this is almost no challenge, the fun factor also decreases very quickly.

I would rather see the following design for sneaking and stealing:

- Right now, sneaking is available for free from the very beginning. It would be great if it would be changed to an attribute of a thief so that you would have to put points in it.

- The NPC's field of view is very small right now. In reality, a human being has a field of view of 180 degrees. So, it would be great if the NPC's field of view would be increased

- Would it possible to also introduce the hearing ability of NPC's? So, if you try to break a door down, you make lots of noise and consequently all NPC's in the vicinity come and check what is going on.

- As others have said, it would be great if NPC's would associate their missing stuff with your presence and begin to suspect you. It shouldn't be the case for each and every plate and cup, but if you keep robbing their houses and more and more stuff goes missing, they should have a lower opinion of you.