New Bugs on 1.0.114:

- You can walkthrough giant shells on the start of the map
- Can't lift the boxes, barrows or open them on the docks where they are behind the ropes
- When trading with Elsmeralda the items doesn't show the full price properly, it will constantly go up by a few coins when trying to exchange
- The items still have random stats such as an plate armour has 8 armour and another one with 12 armour with the same description.
- The Scimitar sword doesn't require any skills which was required to get 3 one-handed skill. (Over Powered)
- The 2-handed sword (better version) now requires 10 strength to wield it should also acquire increasing the skills for the 2-handed sword.
- The constant exploration xp bug in Elsmeralda house, where you and your characters gain XP multiple of times by walking out and in. (This applies to the secret hide out and the room of the trap door).
- The two new recruits cant sit on benches ( Just read through the bugs section and it may seems only in some benches, the one I was outside of Elsmeralda House.

Serious bug: (Must be fixed soon)

- The door to the mess, chicken mission constant bug where my characters keep repeadily talking to each other increasing the compasionate manner by 1 over and over. This is also if your chose the heartless way, even if the chicken is dead they are still constantly talking to each other about the chicken.

Old bugs that still hasn't been fixed:

- The character still can overlay with the giant stone door.
- The pole on the captain ship on the docks, your character can still climb on it
- The Inventory system set still not working
(I havent go further yet to check some older bugs)

Will check some more later as I only headed to Elsmeralda house as that constant exploration XP bug is one of the major bugs on the game, right now. Now the biggest major bug is with the chicken mission!

Hope this helps a bit!


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