I have so far not run into any bugs or problems, with this beta, and been enjoying it, especially the dialog.

However, there's one thing that's bugging me constantly while playing; it's too quiet.

I think this is mostly because the distinct lack of voices, with the amount of dialog this game has, it's for me extreme detracting.

Now, I don't know if voice-overs are planned or not. Considering how much dialog the game has I'm not sure I can expect them.

However, I think much can be added to game by adding grunts, grumbles, mumbles, exclamations etc... Unintelligible murmers that are only there indicate the sex of the character and the mood of the line of dialog. So basically, a load of "grmbl", "heh", "huh", "hah", "hey!", "ooh", "tssk", "tutut", "sigh", "ho!" etc... soundbites.

If off course, this isn't already planned and in the works.

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It's one of these days...