I realy like voice-over dialogs. For me its realy important and i get bored realy fast with a game that only have text-dialog.

Yes, i know, boo for me, i'm not hardcore, etc, etc. I loved text-only games when i was in my 20s but now with 35 years old i don't have the patience for that anymore and i want to be easily entertained in a video game, and voice over makes me relax while i listen to the game.

However, i know Original Sin won't have complete voiceover due to the budget cost and the extreme quantity of dialog lines in the game, so i'll just have to make an extra effort i guess.

Would be realy amazing if a middle ground could be found between text-only and a complete voiceover system. A good middle ground for me would be to have complete voiceover on all the lines from the 2 characters, and all the other NPCs text only. Streching a little more would be to voice the main NPCs from the main questline, but perhaps that would be too expensive.
That added with the already mentioned town sounds and SFX from random people mumbling, speaking, screaming, etc would be enough to make me "entertained" in my old age grumpiness :P

I ask, would hiring 2 voice actors (1 female and one male) and make the main 2 characters voiced in all dialogs be terribly expensive and time consuming or would it be feasible?