Apart from Divine Divinity 2, what game are you going to buy next?
For me personally, I'd just about sell my soul for Diablo 3. I'm in love with both Divine Divinity and Diablo equally and I can't choose between them. If they were both released at the same time I'd probably blow my budget outta the water, because I'd just HAVE to have them both. But Gawd only knows if we'll ever get them, so until then, I'm waiting for Lionheart myself. I've been reading the previews and it sounds really good. But then, so did the previews for NeverWinter Nights and Dungeon Seige and these are two games that bitterly dissapointed me. Maybe I'll wait a bit when the game comes out and see what all you people here think of it. I figure if YOU like it, then I will too.

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