That may have been what my problem was. I'm using a GeForce card. But this is the first time I've ever encountered a game that crashed several times after only a few minutes of gameplay. But I do agree with you about the graphics of Morrowind, absolutely breathtaking! As I said before, this game has so much promise and potential.
But I REALLY, REALLY hated the game controls. That alone is enough to turn me off this game and any other that is keyboard controlled (it's the reason I won't buy Gothic 2, no matter how impressive it looks, but that's another story).
So even if I had a computer that could handle Morrowind, I would never play it. Simply because I hate keyboard controlled games SO much.
Morrowind is marketed as a Role playing game, which I think is somewhat misleading, as the game controls are more like a first person shooter, a game genre I don't like.
I was thinking a RPG meant a game like Divine Divinity, Baldur's gate, Dungeon Seige, Diablo etc. All of which are controlled by the mouse. I was horrified and angry when I found out the game was keyboard controlled. Nothing on its website warned about this.
But if a games controls really don't bother you, and you have the system to handle Morrowind, then by all means give it a try. But if your expecting something like Divine Divinity or Baldur's gate, but with better graphics and more open gameplay (as I was) I think your in for a disappointment.
I apologise to anyone who loves Morrowind, and finds my comments offensive. That was not my intention. I just wanted to warn other RPG fans that Morrowind may not be quite what they expect from a Role playing game.

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