Kashya. Hmm. Good point.

You can play Morrowind with your keyboard and mouse, as any other FPS or TPS.

Ley's try and sort things out.
Views, detemine how you can see your character:
There are first person games - you see what main character sees (Doom, Half-life etc).
There are third person games - you see the back of your character (Heretic II, Tomb Rider etc)
Perspective view - you are upstairs and a bit back from your character (Diablo, Arcanum, BG, etc)

Then there are different genres like puzzle, action, adventure simulation, RPG.

Here we come to the point of determining what is the difference between theese genres.

What is a Role Playing Game? Role-Playing: Games whose primary objective is to role-play characters. Personally, I like to define a Role Playing Game as a game that MUST, ABSOLUTELY have three elements. One is a statistical setup for characters that describe certain skills/aspects of that character. Two, it must have some method of increasing and strengthening those statistics (usually but not necessarily by way of the experience/level system). Three, it must have a menu-driven combat system that utilizes the skills/aspects of the characters. Given there are other elements of RPGs that I'll leave out because of their obvious nature, these are the elements that are required for a game to be labeled RPG. -Written by Archmage

So, role playing a chacter is what makes a game RPG. And now here goes the question. A perspective view, - is it a must have feature for RPG?
Don't think so. Lets take an example: Deus Ex. It is RPG as it has all RPG's elements, though it is first person shooter.
Same goes with Morrowind.

I hope this helps.

Sorry, if I made this post too long.

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