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What I think? That what you describe here would discourage players to use a lot of combinations/spells/skills/... for that would lower chances of valuable loot. The community won't like that.

And you're completely wrong regarding the lockpicking issue. Without a key, the only way to get in beside lockpicks is (*) hack & slash using primary weapon : this will deteriorate the status of the weapon very rapidly (even if it's a bow) (*) you can use magic spells, but that takes an awful lot of time.

I had a gut feeling that this was not in because of the community being spoiled by magically extracting every loot in mint condition out of a slain body or crate after a decade of Walmart style looting standard set by Blizzard & Co.

If you have no key and you must use force to open a chest then so be it. That doesn't make it wrong to have at least a chance to break bottles inside.

Please understand, I am not insisting for such a damage system being in the game, I just say it would make sense to have it. Like you said, most would not like it as we just got trained after all those years to get our loot presented on a silver platter and not later present the loot trader rings, chains and scrolls littered with pieces of fingers, messy blood splatters and smelly gore which make the trader maybe even add some fluids of his own to the mix when you pour your loot on his table.

I presume most folks would not pick such a system as option in the game so that it might be not worth to implement it. I would like it but for a few people it might be too much work I am sure.
What a shame.

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