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I'm not happy that the lockpicking skill investment can be bypassed via pounding a container/door repeatedly with spells (which, unlike weapons, doesn't cause costly durability damage to your equipment).

Damaging items that are inside containers that have been forced open is one way of addressing that, but the problem is it doesn't resolve the issues with forcing open doors.

Even the most durable weapon can break suddenly when it hits a hard object just in the right ankle.
So weapons could loose their life span a bit faster when used as key substitutes.

And using magic for such tasks might drain your mana potions quite faster instead for keeping them for more dire situations.
There could be also ever the chance for spell fumbles, soaking the environment with water, starting a fire, attracting unwanted attention from people further away by light, sound or smell.

Maybe such damage options can be later implemented through an optional mod for those who like it as I seriously doubt it could be still build in now that close to release date.
But it surely would be nice to have at least a chance for some possible mod(s).

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