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I agree that lockpicking still has problems, especially with the scarcity of lockpicks (the soap + key thing is an issue because soap is rare too). I did note the legion camp chests are now locked, although I have not progressed far enough to see if there are other chests around which are now locked that weren't in previous patches.

In the previous lockpicking thread some people called for things to break of you force the chest open, and others complained that if stuff broke, that would be forcing them to spend points into lockpicking. (The alternative suggestion that lockpicking instead granted BONUS items was rejected for the same reasons.)

It is true that no one likes losing loot and items by destroying chests, and that may be one reason why it isn't in.

I don't mind specific chests being "lockpicker content only", the same way as specific content can require you to invest in social skills, or perception, or even crafting. However, the game space needs to be laid out with that rather than just suddenly changing all chests (particularly if those chests were added and balanced under the assumption that everyone would have access to them).

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I'm not happy that the lockpicking skill investment can be bypassed via pounding a container/door repeatedly with spells (which, unlike weapons, doesn't cause costly durability damage to your equipment).

Damaging items that are inside containers that have been forced open is one way of addressing that, but the problem is it doesn't resolve the issues with forcing open doors.

As I have already written in another thread, a possible remedy would be to make doors have VERY HIGH resistances for magic damage (a door cannot be poisoned etc.). I hope this would be implemented or at least can be modded in...

I'm fine with doors being highly (or even completely) magic resistant. I know it's not "realistic" to have a door be immune to all types of magical damage, but in this case I favor balance over realism.