Quoting myself from this thread:


"There's been a problem at our manufacturer, or rather at one of their suppliers. The guys who make the dice informed them that they'd only be able to supply the set of RPG dice in the middle of July (instead of the beginning of June). Needless to say this came as a big surprise and is very disappointing for us. We've been working on finding a solution and ultimately decided to pull the RPG dice as we didn't want to delay the release of the CE in shops to the end of July (if we get it middle of July, it's only in shops end of July). Of course, the dice not being in the bundle also has an impact on the other materials in the Collectors Edition like for instance the back of the box, so there may be a small delay as a result of that. We're still working on that.

We'll be contacting everybody who bought a CE in the coming days and offer them the chance for a refund. The rest of the package will not be affected."