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-_- with a release supposed to be in less than 1 month, according to the fact that some CE will be delayed just because they need to change the back of the boxes, no, I assume they really don't have time to think about another goodie they could include (even a digital one).
Or at least not at the release, perhaps after...

Which is precisely why I suggested replacing the dice + bag with a bonus digital item that was already worked into the schedule and/or completed (like the Engraving Tool).

Kickstarter backers who chose anything below the $500 tier are already receiving more in the CE than was advertised during the pledge period, so there should be no complaints coming from that end. This is more for the benefit of everyone else who purchased the remaining 1500 CE's based on what was recently advertised.

From a "covering your bums" perspective, it's important to modify the boxes to remove listings of items that aren't actually included. But from that same perspective it is unnecessary to modify the box to add listings of items that are included but not advertised. Nobody is going to complain that the CE contains *more* than the box stated, after all. So, something can be safely added without having to change the box again.

Let's not forget that just a few short weeks ago a lot of Kickstarter backers complained that their reserved CE boxes were not "different enough" from the 1500 CE boxes set aside for the general public. rolleyes And now time/money is being spent to correct that "grave offense". So, for the sake of the general public interested in the remaining Collector Editions, I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest the removed dice+bag be replaced with an existing digital reward since the price on the CE isn't changing with the reduction of content.