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The kickstarter Limited Edition Bellegar's Dice were metal. I assume the CE dice were not.

Someone did try to back 10k at the end of the Paypal period, but Larian didn't figure they could do added content properly at the time, so they ended up refunding the pledge.

Since nobody is getting those dice and I imagine it wasn't feasible to do thousands of metal dice sets for the CEs the ones now gone from the CE were likely meant to be a direct replacement. Beyond that it's good to hear someone with sufficient wealth could appreciate the amazing work Larian does. I couldn't afford to give those kinds of money but good to know someone could. Unfortunate about being turned down but very honorable of Larian to say no rather than do a half-job.

But if anyone is that interested in RPG dice there are tons of awesome looking plastic RPG dice on Ammazon for under $10 USD and in the way of metal RPG dice a 10 second google search did turn up this: http://www.atomicempire.com/item.aspx?item=153866 though I have never had any dealings with that specific retailer so I can't speak on the quality of service they provide. Quite pricy the metal ones but awesome.

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