The problem with dual-wielding is that it is a pretty ridiculous concept. WOW made dual-wielding a standard, anyone can do it, damage-fest, when in reality its nearly impossible to do.

I wouldn't mind seeing it implemented, but done with a degree of realism. In D&D tabletop rules (the ones from the 90's anyways), it was like -2 to hit with your main weapon, and -4 with your off-hand weapon (which, if you know how the system works, is a huge penalty). And the off-hand weapon had to be a dagger, or in some circumstances a short-sword. AND only rangers could do it.

I like to see consequences in my games. Not everyone should be running around with 2 weapons with no penalty. I like some give and take.

I know some people will say that a game with orcs and magic doesn't need to be realistic. Well if that's the case why don't we have time-travelling robots and My Little Pony unicorns? Because that would be stupid. A game can have a fantasy lore-set and still have a degree of verisimilitude.