But, like many others, I find it a bit restrictive in character creation because I want the characters to match their portraits.

No, the "others" would merely want portraits to match their characters. but thanks for thinking instead of "us".


though generating a preset portrait for every combination of face, hair colour, hairstyle, skin tone etc. may not be a huge effort on Larian's behalf,

what? :lol:

it would create an end result that is incredibly difficult or tedious for the user to navigate.

Speak. for. yourself. mate.

wherein the process is reversed and the character model is updated to fit the portrait design

the whhaaaat?

This is one of the more insane suggestions ive ever seen.
And it being "supported" by these various completely distorted inventions just takes the cake. The cake.

It seems that the crazier, the more improbable the suggestion - the more false the justification and "reasons". Must be some kind of internet inverse law ... of something.