Well, there's this little game you may have heard of called "Divinity: Original Sin" being released in a couple of days. smile Other than that...

Quest for Infamy (July 10th)- an adventure game / RPG hybrid (inspired by Quest for Glory series)

Unrest- (July 23) a fantasy RPG set in Ancient India.

Wasteland 2 (late August) - post-apocalyptic tactical RPG

Lords of Xulima (September?) - an old school style turn-based cRPG

Pillars of Eternity (currently expected release this Winter)- Obsidian's Infinity engine successor

Serpent in the Staglands (tentative December release date) - another RTwP CRPG inspired by Baldur's Gate & the Darklands

Dead State (Late 2014?) post apocalyptic zombie RPG

Telepath Tactics (Late 2014?) a turn-based tactical RPG in a steampunk universe

Dragon Fin Soup (Late 2014?) tactical RPG w/ roguelike elements, inspired by Grim fairy tales

Liege (Late 2014?) tactical RPG set in a low fantasy medieval world

Starcrawlers (Late 2014?) a turn-based sci-fi RPG

Mage's Initiation (Late 2014?) an adventure game / RPG hybrid, where you play as an apprentice mage

That's all I can think of at the moment. And of course there's a chance all of the RPGs above without solid release dates could get delayed to early 2015.

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