First off, Steam is only one source of information. There are a lot of anti-DRM people who don't use Steam... I'm actually only of them but it was the only way to play the beta.

You also have Digital downloads from Good Old Games and then regular retail outlets.

In the United States, the 30th is a Sunday. People generally buy games on a Friday night and play them over a weekend, not on a Sunday.

We also have the 4th of July on Friday coming up where many companies and businesses (other then shopping stores) will be closed on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of July. Though many people will be at 4th of July picknicks, they might get the game on the 3rd of July (Thursday) and play a little as that will be the end of the work week.

If the game doesn't do well over the 4th of July weekend, then I'd be worried about it. At least with a Sunday release, the game should hit all stores in the U.S. before Thursday for people to buy.

Main holidays where most people get a free day off school/work:
Memorial Day (May)
4th of July
Laborday (September)
Thanksgiving (Last Thur in November, Often Friday is a day off too)
New Years - (Holiday is more for drinking then video gaming)

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