Honestly, I just want to hear from anyone at Larian. Radio silence isn't doing them any favours and people are voicing their dissatisfaction in greater numbers with passage of time. A simple: "We're on it, no worries," now and then could go a long way to calm down the masses.

Hell, I *know* Larian is working on getting us the keys AND fixing the bugs at the same time, it only makes sense that they'd be doing that. But even with all the rationalization on my part I'd feel a lot better hearing from Larian again. When it comes to being emotionally invested in a big project like this one, rationale sometimes doesn't cut it, apparently... smile

Again, I don't mind the wait and I understand they have a mountain of work to do and a really small team to do it with. I'm not writing this because I would be angry, I'm not yelling in caps lock that I DEMANDZ VIDYAGAEM NAO HURR DURR or anything like that. I'm simply worried, because Larian Studios seem to be shooting themselves in the foot with this lack of communication and I'm not sure they see it that way. A lot less people might be pissed off, if we only heard from someone smile