How about maybe doing something like Unreal tournament devs plan to do and make some kind of a deal where the best of the mods would be sold - through Steam for ease of use - with Larian studios official support and under their control ?

We all know that the biggest mods often take some very dedicated amateur teams or individuals spending lot of time and effort.
Often years.

Im thinking that such big efforts should be rewarded in more substantial ways then just people saying "oh, nice".

With Steam there is now such a possibility.

What im thinking is basically this:

Larian studios decides which mod is good enough to enter into this specific category. They would serve as curators and quality control judges.

They would also get a part of eventual earnings - because they made all this possible and its only fair. Of course.

They would also decide for what price these few select mods would be sold.

Im thinking something in the range of a few dollars or euros... maybe up to 10 euros at the most, for the biggest and best ones. Those would be either total conversions or new original campaigns the size of OS, approximately.

All this being under Larian studios control would ensure that some of the usual cheap "hacks" we all know about aren't sold and that the devs also profit from this - which would then all go into future games development, etc, etc.


I think this kind of dev - fans cooperation would be very beneficial for both. In many different ways, yes?

So, im just making this suggestion for everyone to think about it.