So I might have failed in the search feature but I could not find a topic that assisted players with crafting recipes. I found a few recipes here and there mentioned but no thread really dedicated to it so I thought I would start one.

I will post the recipes I have discovered so far through trial and error since playing in the beta when I first heard about the game I will try to break them up into sections for easier readability, feel free to add any recipes I may have missed or may have changed since going live as I have not re-tested all of these to confirm if all still valid.

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So, I've condensed the current version of ItemCombos down to its essentials. It needs to be cleaned up and formatted for wiki / forum viewing but here it is.

Big thanks to PatrickSJ and Alynora for this find and file!

>>>>> Potions <<<<<
Potion (Poison Resistance) | Small Healing Potion + Drudanae plant
Potion (Small Healing) | Empty Potion Bottle + Penny Bun Mushroom
Potion (Medium Healing) | Small healing potion + Small healing potion (Crafting skill 1 - 2)
Potion (Large Healing) | Small healing potion + Small healing potion (Crafting skill 3+)
Potion (Armor Boosting) | Small Healing + Whisperwood
Potion (Reason) | Small Healing + Stardust plant
Potion (Poison) | Empty Potion Bottle + Fly Agaric Mushroom
Potion (Poison) | Empty Potion Bottle + Ooze Barrel
Potion (Poison Antidote) | Health potion + apple
Potion (Intimidation) | Farhangite + Minor healing potion
Potion (Charm) | Fanny Blossom + Minor healing potion
Potion (Losing) | Fly Agaric Mushroom + Minor healing potion
Potion (Perception) | Eye + Empty Potion Bottle
Potion (Water Resistance) | Bluegill + Empty Potion Bottle
Potion (Air Resistance) | Yellyroom + Empty Potion Bottle
Potion (Fire Resistance) | Guepinia + Empty Potion Bottle
Potion (Earth Resistance) | Earth Tongue Mushroom + Empty Potion Bottle
Potion (Resist all) | Fire Resistance Potion + Earth Resistance Potion
Potion (Debuff Strength) | Poison Potion + Tooth
Potion (Debuff Perception) | Poison Potion + Eye
Potion (Debuff All) | Debuff Strength Potion + Debuff Constitution Potion*
Potion (Invisible) | Air resistance Potion + Armour Potion
Potion level up | Augmentor + Any Potion (Small to Medium to Large)

>>>>> Misc/Ingredients<<<<<
Wood chips & 2x Branch | Log + Axe
Wood Mush | Water + Wood Chips
Lockpick | Needle + Needle
Lockpick | Nine Inch Nails + Hammer
Bone dust | Human Bone + Mortar and pestle
Bone dust | Any Skull + Mortar and pestle
Moondust | Moonstone + Mortar and pestle
Stardust | Stardust plant + Mortar and pestile
Pixie Dust | Moondust + Stardust
Pixie Dust | Bone dust + Stardust
Thread | Length of hair + Length of hair
Magic Feather | Pixie Dust + Feather
Magic Eye | Pixie Dust + Eye
Magic Claw | Pixie Dust + Claw
Magic Rat Tail | Pixie Dust + Rat Tail
Magic Starfish | Pixie Dust + Starfish
Magic Tusk | Pixie Dust + Tusk
Magic Skull | Pixie Dust + Skull
Magic Creepy Eye | Creepy Eye + Fairy Dust
Rope | Wool Yarn + Yarn
Thread and needle | Thread + Needle
Magic Needle & Thread | Needle & Thread + Pixiedust
Yarn | Wool + Wool
Wooden Figurine | Cloth Scraps + Thread
Iron Bar | Iron Ore + Furnace
Large Iron Bar | Iron Bar + Iron Bar
Large Iron Bar | 2 Handed Sword + Furnace
Steel Bar | Iron Bar + Furnace
Large Steel Bar | 2 Handed Axe + Furnace
Silver Bar | Silver Ore + Furnace
Tenebrium Bar | Tenebrium Ore + Furnace

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