You can make the mobile kitchen by adding a cookpot to a campfire, despite the name they are not mobile however and you cant take them with you, least not anyway I have found.

Added the recipe to the food section, also updated the cookpot helmet which I also seemed to have missed from the armor section!

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EDIT: Also, don't some of these require an anvil or oven or something? I haven't figured out yet how to make that work.

Recipes that require the Anvil, Oven etc should be listed as such, easiest place to do the cooking in early game is in the cook / quartermasters area since you have oven inside and the Legionnaires have some mobile kitchens just outside, also a water barrel just outside the door as well

The recipes that require these tools is just a matter of dragging the item from inventory to the required tool (Anvil, Oven, Furnace etc)

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